Dedicated to the people of Flint and the activists who wouldn’t buy the lies.

Protestor 1.jpg
Our mission is to tell the story of the Flint water crisis in profoundly human terms. For us, that means talking to the people on the ground in Flint—the activists, community leaders, and residents who have been living this nightmare for more than a year.

This story is a real-life cautionary tale about what can happen when resources are depleted, voices are silenced, and too few can or will stand up for what is right.

Once among the wealthiest cities in America, today the city is a shell of its former self.

But don’t let anyone fool you. The city is far more than burned-out buildings and vacant lots. Flint and its residents define resilience. They are, in many ways, making a way where there is no way. And they’ve been quietly doing so for years.

This story is about the people, and it belongs to them.

We are here simply as witnesses—to preserve and protect these sacred stories.

This is a crisis in democracy.
This is a crisis of conscience.
This is a crisis of humanity.

Fight back. Wherever you are, fight back. The next Flint is only a pen stroke away.


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